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Hunza Sunrise Women Gems And Jewelry

Hunza Sunrise Women Gems and Jewelry is private limited company consisting of 5 women entrepreneurs, well trained artisans from KADO and AKRSP. We are just perfect and professional at artistic designing of jewelries’ and converting them into finest pieces by using original gem stones. Orders can be placed for desired products. Although we have displayed our products, to order online on prepayments. Contact us on the number : 03115805964

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Complete Mala Set

Price: $1250

Mala Set

Price: $450

Pendant set

Price: $120

Lucky sea beads bracelet

Price: $5

Mala set

Price: $70

Ruby Pendent

Price: $60

Quartz Pendent Set

Price: $30

Garnet pendent set

Price: $50

Aquamarine and topaz pendant

Price: $40

Indian Ruby Pendant Set

Price: $40

Lapis pendent set

Price: $45

Malachite Pendent set

Price: $60.50

Jade beads bracelet

Price: $15


Price: $30

Margan locket

Price: $7

Antique choker set

Price: $300

Agate Locket

Price: $40

Agate and Turquoise locket

Price: $130

Mixed stone beads locket

Price: $30

Jade Pendant

Price: $7

Indian Sapphire beads

Price: $10


Price: $2.5

Green Tourmaline

Price: $3

Amber Set

Price: $50

Black Agate

Price: $1

China Agate Cabochon

Price: $1

Orignal Agate Cabichon

Price: $5

Irani Agate cabochon

Price: $10

Orignal Agate Ring

Price: $20

Silver Pendant Set

Price: $60


Price: $70

Necklace Set

Price: $350


Price: $150

Kashgari designed Silsila

Price: $300