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Hunza Sunrise Women Gems And Jewelry

Hunza Sunrise Women Gems and Jewelry is private limited company consisting of 5 women entrepreneurs, well trained artisans from KADO and AKRSP. We are just perfect and professional at artistic designing of jewelries’ and

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Complete Mala Set

Price: $1250

Mala Set

Price: $450

Pendant set

Price: $120

Lucky sea beads bracelet

Price: $5

Mala set

Price: $70

Ruby Pendent

Price: $60

Quartz Pendent Set

Price: $30

Garnet pendent set

Price: $50

Aquamarine and topaz pendant

Price: $40

Indian Ruby Pendant Set

Price: $40

Lapis pendent set

Price: $45

Malachite Pendent set

Price: $60.50

Jade beads bracelet

Price: $15


Price: $30

Margan locket

Price: $7

Antique choker set

Price: $300

Agate Locket

Price: $40

Agate and Turquoise locket

Price: $130

Mixed stone beads locket

Price: $30

Jade Pendant

Price: $7

Indian Sapphire beads

Price: $10


Price: $2.5

Green Tourmaline

Price: $3

Amber Set

Price: $50

Black Agate

Price: $1

China Agate Cabochon

Price: $1

Orignal Agate Cabichon

Price: $5

Irani Agate cabochon

Price: $10

Orignal Agate Ring

Price: $20

Silver Pendant Set

Price: $60


Price: $70

Necklace Set

Price: $350


Price: $150

Kashgari designed Silsila

Price: $300